Please check the prices and notes, then fill in the booking form at the bottom.

《 Check-in 》 16:00 – 20:00
《 Check-out 》 ~ 10:00
Method of payment: cash, payment on site.

Same-day reservations can be made until 17:00.
Please contact us by phone.

Cancellation fee is 50% of the fee for the day before, and 100% of the fee for the day of the cancellation.



《 Price 》

≫ Rooms


Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep. Mar, Apr, GW, Obon, Oct, Nov, New Year
Western-style room
3,500yen /person  

4,000yen /person


Japanese-style room
(500 yen/person discount for two or more persons)

4,500yen /person


5,000yen /person
preschool child Free if you sleep with or bring your own bedding
★All persons booked for a minimum of 5 persons or for a private party can stay at the Western-style room rate ★.
Private hire (1-5 persons) Total amount + 5,000yen
Private hire (6-8 persons) No charter fee required.
in-town discount 2,500 for everyone accompanied by a member of the town (additional charge for private parties).


GW: Apr.29th~May.8th      Obon: Aug.11th~16th New Year: Dec.29th~Jan.4th



◎ No meals, TV and room clothes.

     ◎ Kitchen, tableware and condiments are available.

  ◎ Shower, bathtub, washing machine, toothbrush and rental towels are available.

     ◎ Parking available on site (space for about 4 cars).

◎ Bicycles and motorbikes can be stored if desired.

◎ Located on a national road with heavy traffic. Please use your indicator early and inform the cars following you.

  ◎No smoking in all rooms and premises .


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和→ Japanese-style room(futon type)
洋→ Western-style room (Bed type)