All private rooms

☆Free Wi-Fi available☆

* Smoking is NOT permitted in all area
* NO meals, TV or room clothes




Available from one person.
Please check rates on the reservation page.


Western-style room (Max. 2 persons)

 2 single beds, 1 sofa.
Each bed has an electrical outlet, extension cord, hanger, mini desk and chair.


Japanese-style room (Max. 4 persons)

10-tatami mat room. Spacious enough for families and groups.

Futon type
Electricity socket, extension cord, zabuton (Japanese cushion), zataku (Japanese low table), hanger




Living room


Please use this room as a place to relax.
A selection of books is available, including tourist information and other easy-to-read books for travelling.
Picture books, playing cards and board games are also available.





Seasonings (*1), cooking utensils (*2), fridge, microwave, toaster and crockery are available.
Please feel free to use them.

1 → Oil, salt, pepper, sugar, soy sauce, mirin, mayonnaise, ketchup, butter, etc.
2 → Small pots, pressure cookers, earthenware pots, frying pans, hot plates, takoyaki cookers

Rice (from Takatori Town) 2 cups – ¥450

Note: No oven or rice cooker. If you wish to cook rice, please use a pressure cooker.

Free instant coffee, tea and other drinks available.

For those who want freshly ground coffee
Coffee mill is available. Coffee beans : 200 yen per cup.




Gallery room

A space with sightseeing brochures of the surrounding area, souvenirs of Takatori and special items.





Use of bathtub : 200 yen

Yamato Touki bath salts 150 yen




Other amenities

Items available free of charge
Body soap, shampoo, face wash, make-up remover, hair dryer

Towels for loan Small 100 yen – Large 200 yen

Toothbrush and toothpaste 100 yen

Laundry : 200 yen